14.9.2021 | Donne Europee, Donne Europee English


Part 1 – Introduction

Today we start a short series on the Beatitudes Jesus taught in Matthew 5. What makes you feel happy and blessed? We often think that when we are successful or earn lots of money, have a comfortable home, family, spouse, children, and good friends, that we are happy and blessed. Jesus taught a totally different view on being blessed or happy, therefore few followed Him after they heard His message relating to the beatitudes.

We’ll concentrate on one beatitude at a time, remembering that they follow in a certain important sequence. Each beatitude starts with “Blessed/happy” are they… This “blessed/happy means being spiritually prosperous with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favour and salvation, regardless of our outward conditions or circumstances. [AMPL Bible]

Remember that the first 3 beatitudes [being Poor in spirit, Mourning, Meekness] are like the roots of a tree which form the foundation for the rest of the tree. Hungering and thirsting after righteousness come next and are like the trunk of the tree, forming the origin of the fruits which develop when fed with righteousness, namely Mercy, Purity and Peace.

All of these, when established, lead to being salt and light to the world for Christ’s kingdom.

Prayer – Precious Jesus, Thank You for giving us the sermon on the mount, the longest sermon You gave in the Bible. Thank you for teaching us that true blessings and happiness are opposite to what the world perceives.

“Resolve to keep happy and your joy will form an invincible host against difficulties.” [Helen Keller]


Myrtle Turunen