Where are you from? 2. Part

21.12.2023 | Donne Europee, Donne Europee English


I was born in Bethlehem into this world. But my origin is from ancient times, eternal times. The government has been placed on my shoulders. Bethlehem was a small town, the same place where David also came from.

I strongly feel that you, Lord, saw me even before I was born. You were also there when my mother gave birth to me. This sounds amazing and safe.

I am also the Everlasting Father. I would like people to turn to me because I have a lot to give them. But very few call me their father. I would love to be their Wonderful Counsellor.

I have read in the Bible that I am supported by eternal arms and with eternal love you have loved me Lord, Everlasting Father.

I feel great love for all people. I was born as a human, in the stable of animals, but because I am the Son of God, I can always help mankind.

”Now Jesus is born in the manger of Bethlehem.

During the night, a lovely star has quietly lit up.

Already the dawn of the eternal morning illuminates the earth,

and the prophecies of the prophets, thus you will be fulfilled.”

(Phillips Brooks, 1835-1893 Lewis H. Redner, 1831-908)

Isaiah 9:5

Matthew 2:6

Micah 5:2

John 7:42

Jer. 31:3

Genesis 33:27


Marja Toukola