Devotions Part 10.

21.10.2021 | Donne Europee, Donne Europee English

PART 10 – Being SALT for Jesus.

“You are the salt of the earth…” [Matt. 5:13]

We have discussed the beatitudes and how they lead into and relate to one another. Being poor in spirit leads us to mourn over our sins which guides us into becoming meek and humble. These qualities cause us to hunger and thirst after righteousness, which bears the fruits of mercy, purity, and being peacemakers for Christ’s kingdom.

All these blessings lead us to becoming salt of the earth. Just like salt improves food, Jesus “flavours” us through the presence of His sweet Holy Spirit so that others will also experience this fragrance of Christ’s Beauty radiating from and through us.

Questions: Am I aware of the fact that others observe my life? What are my priorities in life? Am I able to influence others positively?

In the Biblical days salt not only flavoured the food, but also preserved it, preventing the food from going bad. Do Christ’s teachings in the Bible influence us to become “salty” people, useful for God? If our priorities and values are placed on materialism, fashions, and ungodly desires, then we are the same as the world around us, and we will have no good effect on others. We need to be upright and strong in Jesus Christ and not allow worldly temptations to overcome us.

Dear Father God, thank you for always being available for me to come to you in prayer. Please help me to be good salt which flavours others with Your grace, love, kindness, understanding and blessings. Help me to radiate your holy saltiness. Amen

“A little bit of salt makes a huge impact on the taste of a good meal.” [G.M.T.]

Myrtle Turunen