26.11.2021 | Donne Europee, Donne Europee English


Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin and her priestly husband, Zachariah, were elderly and past childbearing age. For Elizabeth it was a painful time as women’s values were measured by their ability to have children. But both Elizabeth and Zachariah remained faithful to God. Luke 1:6 says, “Both of them were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lord’s commandments and regulations blamelessly.”

When an angel appeared to Zachariah in the Temple where he burned incense before the Lord and told Zachariah that he and Elizabeth would have a son, Zachariah doubted the message, so God struck Zachariah dumb until their baby John was born. John would be the messenger who would go before Jesus, turning people to Christ and baptizing them.

Do you trust God’s timing even if your circumstances are difficult? Do you maybe doubt His promises given to you?

We can learn valuable lessons from the parents of John. They ignored the shame and scorn that the community probably threw at them, and remained steadfast, devoting themselves to God and serving Him earnestly. Like this dear couple, we can trust Father God. His timing may not be the same as ours, but He will never lead us into something that He won’t equip us for. Elizabeth showed no doubts that God would fulfil His promises to them, and she rejoiced and submitted to God’s plans.

Dear Father Lord God, thank You that we can trust You when we find ourselves in difficult situations. Please forgive us when we doubt You and lean upon our own understanding and not on You. Please help us to serve You with sincere, undivided hearts and please use us for Your service.

Myrtle Turunen