John, why God used him, Part 4.

5.12.2021 | Donne Europee, Donne Europee English


John was a miracle baby who was gifted to the old couple Zachariah and Elizabeth, as we discussed last week. The coming of John into their lives was indeed a great gift and favour from God, lifting their ordeal of being barren. “John” means “God’s gift.” John and his name would be a constant reminder for Zachariah and Elizabeth, including their neighbours, (and us) that God is always generous, and gives the gifts and blessings we need, as answers to our prayers.

Like John was used to spread the coming of the Messiah, God’s gifts to us also need to be used for His glory. John’s life was not easy, yet he was a very humble, obedient man of God, whose uncompromising, unique ministry was to prepare the way for the Lord. He had been set apart for this task and he put all his energies into turning people to repentance and then baptizing them as a symbol of their commitment to Christ, while always pointing them to the truth.

We can learn from John’s life and teachings, that Father God does not always promise us an easy life. Yet, if we do what He calls us to do, with truth and integrity, we will reap many spiritual rewards. John taught people how to share, how to be satisfied and content with what we have, (Luke 3:11, 14) that we need to “bear fruits that are consistent with our repentance.” (Luke 3:8) Do our lives reflect that too?

Precious Lord Jesus, please help us to be uncompromising in our faith like dear John was. Help us to speak out bravely to others about you, and to be steadfast, truthful, and righteous ambassadors for Your Kingdom. Help us to spread Your fragrance in this chaotic world which desperately needs Your light and Your love. Please help us to win someone for You this Christmas time.

Myrtle Turunen